The Renaissance of Natural Wine

For a country like Georgia, that celebrates wine on different levels, it is important to say a few words about natural wine.

What is natural wine and why is it growing so fast in popularity? Natural wine is wine made without chemicals, and with minimum technological intervention when growing grapes and transforming them into wine. The term is used to distinguish such wine from organic and biodynamic wines because of the differences in cellar practices. Most Georgians do not use additives in wine, but their grapes are not always farmed organically. Natural wine basically means making wine from organically produced grapes and the grapes have to be healthy from the beginning. This notion of natural wine in nothing new, as it was the way all wine was made before heavy chemicals and interventions were introduced. Nowadays, wineries are trying to catch up with international tendencies, such as “fish from the river” - literally meaning that all grapes must be fresh and natural.

Georgian vineyards do not use as many chemicals as are used in Europe or other parts of the world. Luckily, industrialization of farming came quite late here, so the earth was damaged less. Presumably, this is the reason why Georgian natural wine can be found in top European restaurants such as Noma, El Celler de Can Roca and so on. Georgia has a lot to offer: diversity of terrain, use of Qvevri- a vessel that ferments but does not transform wine into a direct flavor. Georgian wines are becoming an international influence and there are supporting movements in Italy, Spain and France.

For this article, we spoke with famous winemaker John Wurdeman, who has numerous wine events planned, all with an educational aspect:

Natural Wines from the New World

December 23

Natural wines from the New World, a creative tasting menu paired with wines from Chile, New Zealand, Australia, USA, and South Africa.


125 GEL per person

Natural Sparkling Wines

January 2

Kick off the New Year in style by comparing bubbles from around the world on “Bedoba”, the Georgian day of luck. Enjoy a tasting menu of local and foreign natural sparkling wines paired with dishes created by the Poliphonia kitchen exclusively for that event! They will discuss the differences between Petiullant Natural, Prosecco, Champagne, and offer an eclectic selection of Georgian examples to taste.


130 GEL per person

Magical Megrelian Wines

February 24

Taste rare natural wines of Megrelia, hosted by Zaza Gagua and Keti Ninidze. Tasting will involve mature wines together with the premier tasting of the new juice, paired with rare Megrelian dishes and Megrelian folk songs.


95 GEL per person

For reservations, contact:

Magda Liparteliani

+995 557637143

Facebook: Poliphonia

18 December 2017 21:42