2 Die from H1N1 in Georgia

Two women died from Swine flu (H1N1) in Georgia in a week. One of them was a pregnant woman from Kutaisi and the other was a 53-year-old woman from Adjara region.

Swine flu is contagious, spreading in the same way as seasonal flu. The most serious complication of the flu is pneumonia, leading to fatalities.

Amiran Gamkrelidze, Head of National Center for Diseases Control told journalists that H1N1 virus spread nowadays is more aggressive than that of H3 in 2017.

Gamkrelidze underlined that growing dynamics of flu and increased cases of application to medical institutions had been detected over the last three weeks.

He called on the population to be attentive towards symptoms such as high temperature since the elderly, people with chronic diseases and pregnant women were the most vulnerable category in terms of the virus.

The NCDC Head noted that about 63 cases of influenza have been reported in the last three weeks and 95% of them were H1N1.

By Thea Morrison

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26 December 2018 08:52