Georgia Today ReBranded: Quality Designed with our Readers in Mind!

You may have noticed that your Georgia Today is a little thinner this week. Fear not! It is as packed with politics, society and culture as ever…but will now feature a little less business… and that’s where GT Business on Tuesdays will come in!

Georgia Today, in its 15th year of operation, is proud to present to you its newly designed newspaper- fit to compete with the best in Europe- and to announce that Georgia Today will now be brought to you TWICE weekly. On Fridays you’ll get your usual Politics, Society, Culture and latest Business updates and on Tuesdays you’ll get a huge extra dose of Business, Economics and Law, including EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with Georgia’s TOP BUSINESSMEN and WOMEN, economic analyses from ISET and Galt & Taggart, and bi-monthly updates on legal changes from Dechert. All in FULL COLOUR!

We sat down for a quick chat with George Sharashidze, Publisher & General Manager of Georgia Today newspaper.

Why, after 15 years, did you decide to rebrand?

I think rebranding and change in general is a logical step in the lifecycle of every business. After 15 years of continuous market presence, Georgia Today has accumulated significant experience and knowledge of how to create a quality newspaper. However, media is becoming even more dynamic nowadays and global changes on the media landscape, especially in the field of new media, were what led me to the decision to make a change. After 15 years we want to spread the message to our readers and partners that we are not only a good newspaper with a good history but we are also able to meet new challenges and the standards of the modern, European newspaper industry. We specifically chose to work with the top European newspaper design professional- Kevin Loftus, Chief Designer and Head of IT of Mayo News, Ireland, who this May won the prize for the best local newspaper in Europe at the European Newspaper Congress in Vienna. I had the pleasure of making Kevin’s acquaintance at this congress and he eagerly agreed to help Georgia Today in its rebranding process.

What differences will we see?

We have two major changes. Firstly, Georgia Today has a totally new design and layout. Our new logo is strong, neat and clear. We have kept our brand color – red, which is also the color of the Georgian national flag. I am sure the new logo will attract even more readers who will enjoy reading a high quality newspaper designed with our readers in mind. Good content requires the right delivery in terms of visual aspect: all headline, caption and text fonts are new and all pages are in full color. With these design changes we would like to underline that our main advantage over our competitors is our content, thanks to our editorial team! From now on Georgia Today’s readers will feel more comfortable while reading the newspaper as our new design is sure to create a better reading experience.

The second change relates to increasing Georgia Today’s audience, now aiming to attract even more readers from the business community. Georgia Today will be available twice a week- in addition to our regular Friday paper, we will have another issue available every Tuesday. This will be a special Business edition of Georgia Today covering the most important news and developments in Georgian business and economy. However, as our readership platform and volume increases, we will be delivering information in a more operative way and should a hot news topic pop up on a Monday that just cannot wait until Friday to be printed, you’ll be reading about it in GT Business. The same goes for hot mid-week business news which will be printed in the Friday edition. The time between Georgia Today issues will now be shorter, meaning that Georgia Today will stand out as unique compared to its competitors by filling the gap in demand for English language information twice a week, from Fridays to Tuesdays, and from Tuesdays to Fridays.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal readers and to direct you to our website and facebook page where we welcome your feedback and comments.

Meet the man who made the new Georgia Today possible- the award-winning Kevin Loftus.

06 November 2015 10:42