Prime Minister of Georgia Opens New Terminal at Tbilisi International Airport

Giorgi Kvirikashvili, Prime Minister of Georgia has officially opened the new airport terminal at Tbilisi international airport today. 

“Today, the new Tbilisi International Airport terminal will start to operate, enabling the airport to receive 4 million passengers per year,” Prime Minister Kvirikashvili stated at the official opening ceremony. 

Kvirikashvili noted that the new terminal for flight arrivals was launched a year ago, starting even earlier than planned due to the increased passenger flow. 

“Aviation development has always been one of our our priorities, as the aviation market, navigation system and passenger flow development, together with adding new flight directions is a pre- condition of the tourism development of the country, which is directly linked to the economic growth, and the increase of the level of living for our people” he stated. 

“With the coordinated worked done, we can already position Georgia in the world’s aviation market. We’re offering a high standard service to the aviation companies and we’re carrying out the right marketing policy, which is reflected in the results.” the Prime Minister stated, pointing out the increased passenger flow statistics, in all three international airports of Tbilisi, Batumi and Kutaiai, reaching a 48% growth. 

“Tbilisi international airport has managed to become an important, strong player on the regional aviation market.” the Prime Minister of Georgia said, while he pointed out that TAV holding has already invested more than $100 million in the development of both Tbilisi and Batumi airports. $60 million was invested in the infrastructure development and terminal expanding in Tbilisi international airport. 

“I’m sure that with its renewed infrastructure, Tbilisi airport will become even more attractive to passengers and to air companies,” the Prime Minister noted, thanking TAV Holding, TAV Georgia and Ministry of Economy and Sustainable development for their work. Kvirikashvili then introduced the works of young Georgian artist Zaur Gamkrelidze, from Oni, in the region of Racha, which were displayed at the newly opened terminal. As Kvirikashvili said, other Georgian airports too will soon be showcasing works from Georgian artists, enabling visitors coming to Georgia to explore it’s richest culture and art from the very first day of their arrival. 

Photo source: GPB

By Nino Gugunishvili

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26 September 2017 18:28