Woman Dies from Influenza in Gori

A 39-old woman died in Gori hospital allegedly from H1N1, the so-called swine flu.

Doctors say she had influenza symptoms and her condition was grave when she was transferred to the hospital.

David Kazaishvili, Director of the hospital Gormedi, says the patient could not be saved despite the intensive activities carried out by the personnel.

"The patient was transferred to us from another hospital. She had a severe fever and respiratory failure. All the necessary measures were taken immediately and treatment was launched in an intensive manner, however, the condition of the patient was so severe that her life could not be saved,” said Kazaishvili.

An autopsy will be done to determine if the woman was infected with H1N1. If the result is positive, it will be the third woman killed by Influenza in Georgia since mid-December.

Swine flu is contagious, spreading in the same way as seasonal flu. The most serious complication of the flu is pneumonia, leading to fatalities.

The National Center for Diseases Control stated more than 63 cases of influenza have been reported in the last three weeks and 95% of them were H1N1.

By Thea Morrison

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03 January 2019 12:28