Juventus Academy Georgia

The famous Italian football club "Juventus" opened a training camp for children and teenagers in Georgia. This camp, named Juventus Academy Georgia, will operate for a week under the guidance of the three Italian coaches, where 90 children will be physically trained. The most promising of them will be invited to Italy for an internship.

"Juventus" - one of the oldest and titled football clubs in Italy was founded in 1897. Since then, the club has become the champion of Italy 34 times, and won the Italian Cup 13 times, which is also a record, and twice - the Champions League.

"Juventus" carried out one of the most high-profile transfers in the history of modern football, for 100 million euros, the club acquired the world football star of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo.

By Shawn Wayne

12 September 2018 12:41