Tochinoshin Wins Tenth Round at Autumn Basho

On September 18, the tenth round of the 2018 Autumn Basho Sumo Wrestling Tournament took place.  Winning the tenth round was Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi (Levan Gorgadze).  

After losing the ninth round just one day before, Gorgadze redeemed himself in round ten.  The tenth round marks the sixth win for Gorgadze in this year's Basho tournament.  He fought against Brazilian wrestler Maegashira Kaisei Ichirōat during yesterday’s tournament.  His score is now three ahead of his Kaisei Ichirōat 10:7. 

The Georgian’s overall score for Basho is at 6:4.  He will be wrestling against Yokozuna Kakuryu next with whom he holds a negative score at 2:22.  However, if Gorgadze wins two more times, he secures his Ozeki title. 


By Shirin Mahdavi 

19 September 2018 18:56