Georgian Players Return to Russian Rugby Club

Georgian rugby players, whose contracts have been suspended by the Russian rugby club "Slava" for expressing solidarity with the anti-Russian demonstrations in Georgia,  returned to the club. One of the rugby players, Rezi Brodzeli, writes about it in the social network.

“I’d like to thank both sides, Georgian and Russian rugby unions. The President of Georgian Rugby Union, Gocha Svanidze, contacted me and we talked about details. He, together with Georgian Rugby Union, started an active collaboration with Russian Rugby Union, asking why we should be dismissed from the club. As it turned out, there was no reason for it. Everything is clear now! In our opinion, some individuals tried to display our solidarity gesture as a political action. It is noteworthy that “Slava” did not want to suspend out contracts at all. The representatives of the club have just contacted me and said that I and Saba stay in the club. Once again, I’m thanking rugby unions of both sides and everyone for their interest, support, and solidarity”, Rezi Brodzeli writes.

Recently, the information was spread through media that the Russian rugby club "Slava" has suspended the contracts of two Georgian rugby players – Rezi Brodzeli and Saba Iluridze.

The reason behind the Russian side’s irritation was the fact that during the game, the Georgian rugby players covered their eyes with their hands after kicking a field goal. In this form, they expressed solidarity towards the June 20 events and protest rallies in Georgia.

“They thought that such an action was political and directed against Russia. With this gesture, I expressed support to my nation, not to the politicians”, Georgian rugby player Rezi Brodzeli told Rugby TV.

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By Ana Dumbadze 

05 July 2019 10:49